Weekly Announcements

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Welcome to worship here today at WLCC: Have you noticed, even these remaining days of summer are shortening noticeably in terms of daylight around here? But this morning, may your faith be broadened and brightened by your worship experience here. And may God’s gift of community put a spring in your ‘walk’ throughout the week! 

Thought for the day: Scripture proclaims that the life we are living is not our own. God is busy working with us, impinging upon our lives, pushing us, coaxing us in a divine direction. Does this mean that God has a “plan” for everything that happens to us in our lives? If there is a “plan,” do we have the ability to know God’s plan for our lives?

Stewardship: Stewardship comes in many forms. Your Stewardship committee is gearing up for our coming fall drive. But to start with – we’d like to hear from you! No public speaking required, we promise! However, either written or orally interviewed (your choice) we’d like to hear why our church is important to you. How has membership moved you? How does it still move you? Is there a defining moment when you knew, just knew, that WLCC was the place for you? Please share your testimony with us. You can submit either a written statement or a request for an oral interview through the church office in an envelope addressed to “Stewardship”. 

Landscaping and Lawn Care Notes:

Landscaping: Aging knees and steep hillsides don’t mix. The Solution?  Plant ground covers! If you have any sun-loving ground covers that you can spare or want to thin out/cut back, please pot them up for transplantation to the Parsonage lawn hillside. Next to Orcutt Avenue, the hillside is quite steep, and we would like to start planting ground cover over the entire length which has a significant southern exposure. See Amy Stebbins or Tom Kahl for more information.  

Lawn Help Needed
The Trustees are looking for a few folks to help with lawn mowing. Whether once a month or once a summer mowing the church lawn (3/4 hour flat); any assistance would be appreciated. Please contact Tom Kahl (207-692-7495) or Norma in the office if you have any questions or can help. 

Men’s Group News: Looking For Work!!!
Your WLCC Men’s Group is looking for work!!! If you have a small project around your house or apartment that you would like some assistance with, we would like to help. Please let Rev Jeff, Norma in the office, or anyone in the Men’s Group know if you have a need.

Help! We are looking for people who would like to work on the Community Suppers we prepare for LISTEN on the third Thursday of each month. If you are interested, please speak to Nancy Simpson.

Greeters ~ Frank & Linda Maynard
Liturgist ~ Nancy Simpson
Coffee Hour ~ Nominating Committee
Trustee of the Month ~ Linda Maynard
Deacons ~ Tom Kahl and Nancy Simpson

Book and Bible Study – Fall Signup is here. Last Call!
Based on discussion and suggestions at our August pot luck, we have two proposed books to offer for our Fall program of study and purchase, that we hope piques the regulars and especially the newcomer’s interest.

  • First is a well-reviewed work by Eric Metaxas, entitled Everything You Always Wanted to Know about God (But Were Afraid to Ask). Metaxas also wrote a noted 2010 biography of theologian and Christian martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
  • Our second offering is Philip Yancey’s renowned What’s So Amazing about Grace?

In thumbing through Yancey’s book before church last Sunday, Grace Dickerson (with tongue in cheek) asked if she could excuse herself from her pew to go read for an hour in the Kilton Room!

Now we hope you are really curious. Please see the signup sheet, including preferred meeting times (and book descriptions/reviews) in the same room.

Upcoming schedule
   Sunday Sept 16 – First day of Sunday school,
Cabinet following Worship.
Sunday, September 16, Stewardship, 4 pm at Amy Stebbins’ house.
Monday, September 17, Services for Walt Pyer at 10:00 am.
Monday, September 17, Christian Education meets, 7:15PM.
Tuesday, September 18, Jubilant Bells, 6-7 pm
Thursday, September 20, Women’s Fellowship, 9-11 am
Thursday, September 20, LISTEN Community Dinner
Sunday, September 23, Worship

Please hold in prayer ~ Prayers for Nancy Pyer and her family in the passing of Walt, Tawna Callahan, prayers for Justine and Family during the loss of her father, Barbie Hazlett, Judy Hart, Jan Colt, Marion Chapman, Betty Farnsworth, Gussie Swift, Mike Frappier, Ellen Woodward, and those undergoing treatment in our church family. People in all war-ravaged places, compassionate treatment for those in immigrant, refugee, asylum seeking, and family separation contexts; all those still recovering in the aftermath of hurricanes and disaster situations particularly those in the path of Hurricane Florence; all people in fire-ravaged areas of the west; Prayers for our country and its leaders and for peacemaking efforts in all matters around the world; Solidarity in our prayers and cares for victims of violence in all its forms; that we might be agents of hope, healing, and change. 

Rev. Jeff Scott, 719-588-4333 (cell); 719-588-4333 (Parsonage)
Jeff Scott <hildsctt@netscape.net>
The Church Administrator, Norma Hazelton, is in the Office 9-1 M-F.
Church Contact Numbers: Phone ~ 603.298.8096 Fax ~ 603.298.5499