Weekly Announcements

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Welcome to worship here today here at WLCC. As the morning frost becomes a more predictable morning occurrence – may the Son and light of the world shine upon you (as well as the hospitality you experience here) and warm you significantly!

Today, we continue with stewardship moments highlighting a stop on our  “Journey to Generosity” with a scenic presentation from “Motivation Mountain”, with heartfelt thanks to our stewardship team for their leadership.

Thanks to everyone (including men’s group ‘hangers on’ after their breakfast) who helped clean the Drake Room and lent a hand with some service work around the church yesterday. 

Announcements and Upcoming
     Liturgist ~ Linda Maynard
     Coffee Hour ~ Historical Committee
     Flowers ~ Carol Campbell
     Deacon of the Month ~ Chris Goodhue and Lorinda Poirier
     Trustee of the Month ~ Amy Stebbins 

Today we will be receiving the Neighbors in Need special mission offering for the second/final week.  One-third of the offering undergirds the work of the Council for American Indian Ministry (CAIM), two-thirds of the offering supports justice advocacy and direct service projects such as just-peace programs and community grants.

Announcement from the MISSION COMMITTEE
CROP WALK – Have you had anything to eat or drink this morning?  If yes you have been fortunate.  Today those walking and donating to CROP WALK (12:30pm in Lebanon Green) will help people who have not eaten get and grow food.  In coffee hour there will be some folks who will be walking and hoping you will support them.  It is a good feeling to remember that a good amount of this money stays to help folks in the Upper Valley.

See the Order Form for wreaths in today’s bulletin. Please turn your orders in to Women’s Fellowship by October 22nd.

Book/Bible Study. Week 3: Wednesday, 6:30PM, All are welcome. We will be studying the following passages having to do with Quitting: /Jonah Flees/ John 1, Devotional, Psalm 42-43, /It’s Not  Over/ Luke 24:13-35, /Finish the Race/ 2 Timothy 3:10=4:8

The registration forms for Sunday School will be available for a few more Sundays. As you all might know, we are still looking for school helpers and/or teachers. If you would like to help educate our children, please see any of the Sunday School teachers or Jeff. Even if you think you could only do it once! Any help is gratefully welcome!
— Your Sunday School teachers and CE Committee: Linda K, Judy A and Christine K. 

Choir reminder:  Please remember, we’ll gather at 9:00AM each Sunday and practice for 15-20 minutes prior worship.  If you would like to preview the piece of music prior to Sunday, please let Norma know so she can scan and send it to you via e mail.  We’ll see you at 9:00Am on Sunday!  

Food Bin items continually needed. All types of food items and paper products including toilet paper, diapers, etc. (Items which we use daily.)

September October 8-15, 2017 CALENDAR
Crop Walk                                                    Today, 12:30 pm
Jubilant Bells (Newcomers welcome!)       Tuesday, Oct. 10, 6 pm.
Scouts                                                          Tuesday, Oct. 10, evening
Book/Bible Study                                       Wednesday, Oct. 11, Kilton Rm., 6:30 pm.
Christian Ed.                                                Wednesday, Oct. 11, Kilton Rm., 7:00 pm.
Women’s Fellowship                                 Thurs., Oct. 12, Kilton Rm, 9-11 am.
Horton Center Day Trip                              Saturday, Oct. 14, Leave Church 8:00 am
Worship                                                        Sunday, October 15, 10 am.
Cabinet                                                         Sunday, October 15, following Coffee Hour


Horton Center field trip and work day, next Saturday Oct.14: Please see the signup sheet or Jeff details for those who wish to join our caravan (Departing 8am from the church, returning late afternoon) to Horton Center. Weather permitting, we are hoping to take in some awesome foliage viewing and some work on our adopted cabin Agape. You are invited, particularly if you’ve never been to this spectacular “thin place” in the mountains before.

Please mark your calendars for Sunday, Oct. 29 when we will have a very special “Visitor from the Past” in worship sharing her life story with us….you know, that woman from Samaria whom Jesus met at the well. 

Please hold in prayer ~ Prayers for Peter Foss and family, Jenny, Bob, and their premature baby girls who were born 10 weeks early, Judy Hart, for the Family of Vic Fugere, Kathryn Wheeler, Jan Colt, Marion Chapman, Betty Farnsworth, Gussie Swift, Mike Frappier, People in all war-ravaged places and refugee contexts, Prayers for our country and its leaders, Victims of Violence, and Prayers for all peacemaking efforts and perspective in all matters, the People surviving the earthquakes in Mexico, People of Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Carribean in the rescue, recovery, and rebuilding of their lives and homes in the aftermath  of the hurricanes. Las Vegas victims and survivors and their loved ones recovering from and facing upcoming surgeries and those undergoing treatment in our church family. 

Rev. Jeff Scott, 719-588-4333 (cell); 719-588-4333 (Parsonage)
            Jeff Scott <hildsctt@netscape.net>
The Church Administrator, Norma Hazelton, is in the Office 9-1 M-F.
Church Contact Numbers: Phone ~ 603.298.8096 Fax ~ 603.298.5499