Weekly Announcements

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Welcome to worship here at West Lebanon Congregtional Church, UCC. Through the music sung, peace passed, parables proclaimed and more…may you also be warmly greeted, buoyed up, graciously challenged, surprisingly inspired, uncommonly renewed, and excitedly sent in this service of worship together – all in the unity of the bond, in Christ!

As a faith community, the West Lebanon Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, affirms that each individual is a child of God. We are called to be an inclusive and diverse community, welcoming all people regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, mental and physical ability, family composition, culture or economic status. We invite everyone to join in our common life and mission through participation and leadership in this congregation, and by fully sharing in the worship, rites, and sacraments of this church. We commit to modeling a community of faith and spirit that works toward openness and understanding, offering justice, healing and wholeness of life for all people. 

Announcements and Upcoming

Again, thanks to the Growth and Evangelism Committee for their planning and follow up efforts enlisting as many as possible to have their pictures taken for the 2017 Directory.

For those of you who chose to have your LifeTouch picture(s) mailed to the church instead of to your home address, they have arrived.  Please pick them up after church today (on the table at the back of the vestry) or from Norma during the week.

Your Growth Committee:  (Justine Seymour, Donna Stender, Laurie and John Tostenson, Jackie LeBlanc and Christine Kidd)

ONA REMINDER:  As we consider how we plan to “live into” our covenant, we will take time over the course of the summer to offer up and brainstorm a range of ideas (with the help of our committee’s guidance) as we go forward. It is our hope that they can be displayed, in some form, in the Kilton Room, for everyone’s consideration, discussion, and comment. Please be assured, we encourage everyone’s involvement; as both a church family and the body of Christ for the world, as we journey on together.          – ONA

MISSION TIDBIT – I noticed a little tidbit of information about The Haven in White River Junction which is on their website.  In a month they supply a week’s worth of groceries to 1,238 households per month.  WOW, who would have thought!  Foods they have listed as being in need of: rice, both white and brown, canned veggies, tuna fish, pasta and can openers. 

I am certain we can help them. Please place items in the white box at the back of the sanctuary.

Food Bin items continually needed. All types of food items and paper products including toilet paper, diapers, etc. (Items which we use daily.)

Second Missions note:  NEEDED – for the Haven and Listen Center – peanut butter, jam/jelly, marshmallow fluff, tuna fish, mayonnaise.  Please put on the table in the Kilton Room.  We are helping to supply lunch items for the summer. 


Liturgist ~ Nancy Simpson
Coffee Hour ~ Chris Goodhue
Flowers ~ Grace Morse
Deacon of the Month ~ Carol Campbell & Grace Morse
Trustee of the Month ~ Phil Gomez               

July 23 – 30 , 2017 CALENDAR
Worship                                                       Sunday, 7/23, 10:00 am.
Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts                   Tuesday, 7/25, Evening
Jeff at Horton Center as OMG observer Tuesday-Wednesday Best of Both Worlds week.
Book and Bible Study                              Wednesday, 7/26, Kilton Room, 6:30 pm.
Women’s Fellowship                                Thursday, 7/27, Kilton Room, 9-11 am.
Men’s Group Cookout & Kayak “event”Thursday, 7/27, Kilowatt Park. Wilder, 5 pm.
Graveside Service & Reception             Friday, 7/28, 9:00 am; Kilton Room Following.
Women’s Fellowship Brunch                 Saturday, 7/29, Kilton Room, 9:30–11:30 am.
Worship                                                       Sunday, 7/30, 10:00 am.

Joint worship at First Congregational Church of Lebanon, August 6.
Joint worship with First Congregational Church of Lebanon, here at WLCC, with the
men’s fellowship hosting breakfast at 8:30AM. 

Future Summer Plans

Men’s Group
   – *Thursday July 27th *is our WLCC Men’s Group Cookout at *Kilowatt Park North in Wilder*. We’ll meet around *5 pm* and bring your boat, kayak, canoe, fishing pole, or just hang out before we eat. If you don’t have a kayak or canoe and are interested in trying something out, just let us know as we have a few extras that folks could use.

– *Sunday August 13th – *Like last year the Men’s Group will provide an  8:30 to 9:45 am breakfast open to all from both churches in the Kilton Room before the Lebanon UCC joins us for a combined service in West Lebanon. Come and join in the food and fellowship.

WOMEN – Saturday, July 29 – this is the day of the Women’s Pot Luck brunch.  9:30 to 11:30.  We will focus on, not only delicious food, but also remembrances and talk about friends and friendship. If you have a picture of a special friend, please bring to share. Hope you will be able to join us. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board if you will be bringing breakfast goodies.

Greetings from your Christian Education Committee.
This end of school has been busy planning for Children Sunday that took
place on June 11. The children helped in many ways during the service and also acted the Creation. It was a lovely way to end out school year. Soon we will start planning next year’s Sunday school and know that we are always and still looking for more “teaching assistants”. One of us prepares the class for that Sunday and the teaching assistant simply helps during class, very easy and very rewarding to work with our “kiddos”. If you are interested in helping, please let one of us know. Happy Summer,
Christine for the CE committee
Linda K, Judy A, Laurie T and Christine K 

Please hold in prayer ~ The Reed Family, Kathryn Wheeler, Jan Colt, Marion Chapman, Betty Farnsworth, Gussie Swift, Mike Frappier, Family of Roger Morse (Grace, Dana, and Darcy), People in all war-ravaged places and refugee contexts, Prayers for our country and its leaders, Victims of Violence, and Prayers for all peacemaking efforts and perspective in all matters. 

Rev. Jeff Scott, 719-588-4333 (cell); 719-588-4333 (Parsonage)
          Jeff Scott <hildsctt@netscape.net>
The Church Administrator, Norma Hazelton, is in the Office 9-1 M-F.
Church Contact Numbers: Phone ~ 603.298.8096 Fax ~ 603.298.5499