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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Welcome to worship here at WLCC. In your hour here today, may you be renewed, refreshed, reinvigorated, re-inspired (add your own ending) by God’s creative breath, Christ’s redeeming acts, the Spirit’s sustaining presence. “By virtue of the resurrection, nothing any longer kills inevitably but everything is capable of becoming the blessed touch of the divine hands.” (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)

 A mighty thank you to everyone who attended, provided for, and served at last evening’s chicken BBQ supper here.

 It’s official, we are an Open and Affirming Church (1459’th)  in the United Church of Christ!  On Pentecost, we received the good news as follows:

ONA update:  As everyone knows, on Palm Sunday, in a special congregational meeting, this church voted unanimously to amend our bylaws to adopt our own covenant statement of commitment to inclusivity.  On Pentecost, we received official word from our denomination that we had been accepted as the 1459th congregation within the UCC to become an Open and Affirming church.  As one small, yet significant step, we voted last Sunday to add a horizontal rainbow stripe on our front and rear signs as just one indicator of our commitment.

As we consider how we plan to “live into” our covenant, we will take time over the course of the summer to offer up and brainstorm a range of ideas (with the help of our committee’s guidance) as we go forward. It is our hope that they can be displayed, in some form, in the Kilton Room, for everyone’s consideration, discussion, and comment. Please be assured, we encourage everyone’s involvement; as both a church family and the body of Christ for the world, as we journey on together.

 LifeTouch is scheduled to come back on Tuesday, June 27th, for another day to take photographs. It is the last opportunity to have your picture taken for this directory.


Greeters ~ Norma & Phil Gomez
Coffee Hour ~ Missions
Flowers ~ Norma Hazelton
Deacon of the Month ~ Chris Goodhue and Lorinda Poirier
Trustee of the Month ~ Linda Maynard

Please remember that Horton Center Camp registrations are open and available for all ages online (and that does mean ALL) for the season. Brochures are located in the hallway: that detail dates for all the sessions of Camp throughout the summer and fall.

 Food Bin items continually needed. All types of food items and paper products including toilet paper, diapers, etc. (Items which we use daily.)

 June 25 – July 2, 2017 CALENDAR
Sunday, 6/25, 10:00 am.
Scouts and Girl Scouts                            Tuesday, 6/27, Evening
Book and Bible Study,                            Wednesday, 6/28, 6:30 (Note: We’re still
covering up to page 200)
Women’s Fellowship                                Thursday, 6/29, Kilton Room, 9-11 am.
Quail Hollow Get-Together                              Thursday, 6/29. 10 am.
Worship                                                      Sunday, 7/2, 10:00 am.

Future Summer Plans

 Men’s Group
*Thursday, July 27 – Rescheduled Bar-B-Q*
*Sunday, August 13th – Church breakfast.*  We have been asked for a repeat performance of the 8:30 am pre-service breakfast we did last year when the FCC of Lebanon joins us again in Worship.

Please hold in prayer ~ The Reed Family, Kathryn Wheeler, Vic Fugere, Valerie, Jan Colt, Elizabeth, Marion Chapman, Betty Farnsworth, Sylvia, Nate, Gussie Swift, Mike Frappier, Hannah, Roger Morse and his Family (Grace, Dana, and Darcy), Amy & Francis Hill, the Frost Family, People in all war-ravaged places and refugee contexts, Prayers for our country and its leaders, Victims of Manchester bombing and all Victims of Violence, and Prayers for all peacemaking efforts and perspective in all matters.

Rev. Jeff Scott, 719-588-4333 (cell); 719-588-4333 (Parsonage)
Jeff Scott <hildsctt@netscape.net>
The Church Administrator
, Norma Hazelton, is in the Office 9-1 M-F.
Church Contact Numbers: Phone ~ 603.298.8096 Fax ~ 603.298.5499