Safety During the Storm
When I was a child, my family sought shelter in the root cellar when tornadoes approached our area. The cellar was hollowed out of the earth behind our house, and wooden supports held the dirt walls in place. Flush with the ground, its hinged door led to three concrete steps going down. Many a night my family would huddle together alongside jars of vegetables and bins filled with potatoes. We sometimes waited in the dark for hours for relief from the dangerous lightning, wind, and rain. A strong hiding place is absolutely necessary for survival when tornadoes roar overhead. A hiding place is critical during other storms life brings as well: terminal illness, wayward children, financial downturns, and unending conflict. At these times, a dangerous and debilitating fear can roar through our hearts and minds. In Psalm 32:7 the psalmist addresses God as “my hiding place,” reminding us that God alone is our spiritual and emotional shelter. When fear interrupts our lives and drives us to hide in dark despair, God comforts, strengthens, and calms our soul. Sometimes God graciously removes the storm; but always God can remove our doubt and fear when we wait, pray, and seek God’s face.
Thought for the Day
When I am afraid, I can pray and trust God’s promises.
Dear Lord, thank you that we can be relieved of our fear because of the courage you provide when we spend time with you. Amen.