Fundraise While You Shop

WLCC’s Stewardship Committee has a new fundraiser that allows church members to raise money for our church by using gifts cards. Here is how it works. If you plan to purchase items from any of the many participating retailers (October list, updated 10.7.22), you print out this form, fill it out and give to Judi Strong along with a check. Judi will send the orders in once a month and when the gift cards arrive she will distribute the gift cards to you. The list of participating retailers contains the percentage of the gift card that will go to WLCC. There is no cost to you except a $2.00 service charge for the cards you order. Here is some additional information about the fundraising of Shop With Scrip.

October Order Information:

Hello! I hope you are all enjoying the cooler weather and the fall colors that are appearing. I will be placing the Raise Right gift card order next week. Please get all orders to me by Monday, Oct 10th . This month there are a few bonuses of interest. Domino’s- 12%, Bath and Body Works- 17%, Shaw’s- 5% and Shutterfly 11.5%.

Speaking of bonuses, Raise Right is having a Bonus Fest for the month of October. They will have special bonuses every weekend, from Friday to Sunday. I have no idea what will be on bonus but some of them may be of interest to you, especially with the holidays and gift giving time coming up. I will try to send an email with the bonuses or get the information into the weekly newsletter if possible.  If you are interested in any of the bonuses you just have to let me know by email, text, phone call, whatever works for you. You have to let me know by Sunday. I will place your order in the queue and when I place our organization order in November they will be included and earn the special bonus. You just include the payment with your November order. I am hoping that we can take advantage of some of the bonus opportunities that occur regularly. You can also check out the website for Raise Right to get the information. Click here for information on Fall Bonus Fest.

If there are any questions about this or any aspect of the program, feel free to reach out to me, I would love to see a greater participation in this beneficial program.

Judi Strong
Cell phone: 603-381-5737