How to Get Involved At WLCC

Volunteer and hands on opportunities in and around the church

  • Help prepare/serve with one of the sponsoring groups – in always engaging, after worship coffee hour and fellowship.
  • Sign up as a liturgist or usher (see hallway bulletin board) or offer the children’s message.
  • Sing in the choir or play in the bell choir.
  • Assist in the kitchen/dining room at the varied menu regular church dinners.
  • Fashion your favorite craft item and work at a station at the annual church Bazaar.
  • Volunteer hands-on with Trustees-sponsored repair projects and scheduled work days…or work “free range” on your own.
  • Join the crews that tend to flower and landscaping needs (we won’t mention snow and ice) around the church properties.


     Join an ad-hoc committee, fellowship, or small group of the church:

  • Serve on the worship team (quarterly) to plan/suggest creative and meaningful themes, musical offerings, and other expressions of worship throughout the liturgical seasons.
  • Check out and attend the present book/Bible study group (presently Annie LaMotte’s book on Grace, soon to be the Dickinson Bible Study series).
  • Attend and learn more about the Open and Affirming Core Group’s advocacy for and inclusivity of all, including LGBT concerns.
  • Join the social media group involved with church website and face book design, updates and postings.
  • Check in with the women’s fellowship most Thursday mornings from 9-11AM.
  • Tend to and archive the historical documents of the church.
  • Check out the young adults group that meets monthly for dinner and more!
  • Join the men’s fellowship group!
  • Form a praise and worship instrumental/singing group to simply “jam” together or show up in worship.

Service in the community and beyond

  • Prepare and serve monthly Listen Dinners.
  • Labor on a crew with tools or paint brush in hand with COVER (winterizing, ramps, roofs etc.) or a Habitat for Humanity site.
  • Experience the beauty of the White Mts. on spring and fall opening and closing of Horton Center Camp, Gorham, NH.
  • Volunteer as a counselor or dean at Horton Center or send your child (others) to our Conference Camp there.
  • Meet your New Hampshire Conference neighbors! Partake of any number of events and training workshops sponsored by the New Hampshire Conference. The recent awesome Prepared to Serve event (over 500 attending) is just one example. Go to and check out the possibilities!

As a member at WLCC and the wider church

Express your interest in serving on one of the following and all they are involved in:

  • Diaconate – provides for elements of worship and spiritual care (particularly of those in need).
  • Trustees – oversees care of the property, budget/financial stewardship and personnel.
  • Christian Education – care and instruction of children, youth and adults.
  • Growth and Evangelism – fosters events and gestures of welcome and nurture – both for those within our faith community as well as reaching “our congregation that’s out there”.
  • Missions and outreach – advocates/provides for both giving and service opportunities (local/wider church/global) that further ministries of compassion and justice.
  • Pastoral relations – Helps foster/maintain clear communication, healthy relationships and wellbeing between the pastor and congregation and others.
  • Become a delegate to the New Hampshire Conference or the Grafton Orange Assocation and one of its standing ministry committees or attend any number of its sponsored events. (See above)

Please see Tom Zuttermeister – Moderator or Aaron Richter – Administrator , who can help “plug you in and connect” you with any of the above!